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When: May 17th, 2011
Where: SBA 170
Time: 4:15-5:15pm


PSU HRMA - Officer Elections

Who: Portland State University Human Resource Management Association (PSU HRMA)
What: Elections for 2011-2012 Officers!
Where: SBA 170
When: Tuesday, May 17th, 4:15 PM-5:15 PM

Why become an officer?: Long standing tradition of networking and career opportunities available to officers.

Portland State University Human Resource Management Association has a long standing tradition of being one of the top rated student organizations in the country. This student organization doesn’t yield these results without top notch dedicated student officers that learn to network with the best of them. All officer positions are available. Candidates are required to give a 2 minute speech on why they feel they are the best person for that position. Paid HRMA members vote. Any questions on positions and descriptions please e-mail ggeiger@portlanddoubletree.com or come to the weekly meetings Tuesdays 4:15 in SBA170

Good Luck!


2011 SHRM Conference

This year the Annual SHRM Conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference is from June 26th-29th. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other HR professionals from across the country. It is also a forum to share ideas and best practices as well as a place to learn and enhance your knowledge about HR practices. For more information, you can attend this weeks meeting or you can visit the SHRM website at http://www.shrm.org/. Also, if you did not attend last weeks meeting, or did not sign up to show interest, please either come to today's meeting or email us at psuhrma@gmail .com and let us know you are seriously interested. Thank you!!!

*For those of you that are going, please see Genevieve or Baliey, so that they can get you shirt size. If you have not gotten your flight confirmation, please email Alan Cabelly or Genevieve Geiger.


Congrats to PSU HRMA for being awarded the Superior Mertit Award! This award recognizes student chapter achievements and a commitment to providing meaningful programs and services to your members. Thank you to all members that contributed to the ongoing excellence of this student chapter of HRMA.

By achieving this award, our chapter distinguishes itself as an outstanding organization dedicated to serving the needs of our members and to the advancement of the human resource management profession. Chapters that earned merit or superior merit status will receive an award plaque. The plaque will be sent to your student chapter advisor in early June. Additionally, a press release and full merit award report will be available at the end of May.



We will be having our Annual Golf Tournament on Friday June 3rd, 2011. In preparation for the tournament, we are asking that all members take the time to think about any potential golfers they may know whether in the HR community or within their circle of family and friends. We also encourage you to email those in your linkedin network. We still need both golfers and sponsors, so as time is of the essence, we ask that you actively pursue all avenues for participation and product donations. Also, if you are interested in volunteering, whether in preparation for the tournament or on the day of, please email psuhrma with the subject line "GOLF TOURNAMENT". Thank you!!! ***Flyers and registration forms are available. Please email psuhrma@gmail.com if you need either form or more information. ________________________________________________

Be A Star-Join HRMA! Interested in Joining PSU HRMA and SHRM? Please e-mail psuhrma@gmail.com for more information. You can also visit us during our office hours in the SBA room 393. Just a reminder that you do need to renew your memberships every year. PSU HRMA memberships are valid from September-June. _______________________________________________

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