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Elections - Get Involved!

Date: November 9th, 2011 (This Wednesday)
Room: SBA 140
Time: 4:15

Open Positions
  • Vice President of Recruiting
  • HRMA Secretary
Job Descriptions

Title: Vice President of Recruiting (officer position)


  • Collaborate with President and faculty advisors to create annual recruitment strategy and establish member count goal
  • Coordinate and staff New Student Week event
  • Participate in SBA Student Organization functions
  • Update Talking Points flier quarterly (primary recruiting flier)
  • Update Recruiting PowerPoint
  • Conduct class visits to promote HRMA; distribute Talking Points flier
  • Use MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Must be able to speak in front of groups of people
  • Must be organized and a self-starter

Title: HRMA Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for recording HRMA’s activities. As Secretary, this person will record a detailed account of HRMA’s meetings and relay the information to HRMA members. This position will also assist other officers with HRMA events and fundraisers as needed.

Major Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Record notes at speaker meetings and email them to the VP of Internal Relations by Friday to be published
  • Record minutes at officer meetings and distribute these notes to officers viaemail within two days of the meeting.
  • Keep files on HRMA’s network drive and HRMA’s notebooks organized and current.
  • Have regularly scheduled office hours
  • Check and respond to HRMA Gmail email account during office hours
  • Assist or direct other PSU HRMA officers as needed.

Please E-mail Alan Cabelly or Alisha Head prior to meeting if interested.


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