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Upcoming events

THIS WEEK: Wednesday, February 8th

Where: SBA 140

When: 4:14pm - 5:15pm

"Leadership and You:What You Truly Need to Know"

Alan Cabelly, PSU Professor and Executive Director of the Portland Leadership Institute (www.portlandleadershipinstitute.com) will cut through the leadership jargon from the popular and academic press, and spend a very quick hour helping everyone understand how to improve their personal leadership skills. Find out what your next steps might be.

Tuesday, February 14th:

HRMA will be holding the Annual Valentine's Day Rose Sale. More information and preorder information can be found at hrma.pdx.edu.

Wednesday, February 15th:

Guest speaker Natalie Miller, SPHR will be providing writing best practices and tips as a prelude to HRMA's Résumé Workshop. Learn everything you need to know about how to write a great résumé!

Friday, February 24th:

HRMA will be holding the much demanded Résumé Workshop. This is a tremendous opportunity to meet with professionals from the HR community who will review your résumé and provide invaluable advice. Please contact psuhrma@gmail.com to set an appointment.


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