PSU HRMA Business Meeting October 25 (10/23/2012)

This Thursday, October 25, we will be holding elections for the remaining officer positions in HRMA as well as discussing other important business. As members of HRMA you help decide the direction the organization goes. As such, we strongly encourage participation in this week’s meeting. Bellow please read the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

Agneda for October 25, 2012 Business Meeting

1. Come to order (4:15 PM)

2. A brief presentation by Chris Kachic on Robert’s Rules of Order. (4:15-4:25)

· It is important that we follow these rules for the elections.

3. Introductions of the candidates: (4:25-4:31)

· Members may nominate others from the floor.

4. Elect officers following Robert’s Rules of Order. (4:31-4:46)

5. Vote on updates to HRMA Constitution (4:46-4:56)

6. Introduction on Casino Nigh by Alexandra Busch (4:56-5:11)

7. Other business / Form Casino Night Organizing Committee (with Alexandra) (5:15-5:30)

8. Adjourn (5:30 PM)

Updated by Christopher M. Kachic, President HRMA