Conflict in the Workplace

Last Wednesday, PSU HRMA students met to listen to Executive Coach, Scott Sadler speak about conflict in the workplace. 

Anupria warmed up the audience with a quick ice-breaker. Students formed groups and discussed one word they would use to describe their current work environments.  

Co-VP of Marketing, Anupira Singh, starting the meeting with an ice breaker
Scott tied this exercise in with the fact that work environment matters a great deal to employees. He talked about how a lack of soft skills can impact company culture as well as employee retention. He mentioned that some HR professionals focus on systems instead of soft skills and that metrics can both cause and alleviate conflict. 
Scott Sadler answering questions from students at a PSU HRMA meeting. 
Scott shared a Core Values Index Assessment from Taylor Protocols and discussed how matrices, such as this one, break down personal beliefs into core values. 

Core Values Index 
A big takeaway from Scott's presentation was his recommendation for the book, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.  He cited seven key points to the book: 1.Master the courage to interrogate reality. 2. Be bold in your approach to understanding. 3. Have grace with other’s boldness. 4. Come out from behind yourself into the conversation. 5. Be authentic. 6. All conversations are with myself, sometimes other people are included. and 7. Be prepared to be here and nowhere else. 

Special thanks to PSU HRMA Secretary, Ashley Newman for taking excellent notes!  

Coming up this week on Wednesday, January 28th: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Techniques with Earl Meininger.