HRMA Kick-off follow up post

We had a great turnout for the Winter Term Kick-off meeting last Wednesday! 

Director of Merit, Courtney Balazic, started things off for us with a fantastic icebreaker consisting of each person revealing one personal fact about themselves for every square of toilet paper taken from a roll being passed about the room.  Spirits were high as we learned new things about one another, like favorite sports and names of beloved pets. 

Cheers to Treasurer, Brooke Konrad for bringing an abundance of snacks to share! Also, thanks to her employer, Reeser's Fine Foods, for making such delicious jerky. Mmmmmmm. 

Justin Hochstrasser, one of our new HRMA members agreed to pose with the bounty of deliciousness as we brought this great gathering to an end. 

Justin Hochstrasser enjoys the bounty from Reeser's Fine Foods at our Winter Kick-off Meeting, 2015.
This week on January 21st, HRMA features Executive Coach and Speaker, Scott Sadler. Can't wait to hear his ideas about 'Conflict in the Workplace'! (SBA 140, 4:15-5:15, hope to see you there!)